devlink-trap - Linux


devlink-trap is a tool for managing and inspecting network interface trap events. It allows you to set up, display, and remove traps for specific events on network interfaces.


devlink trap [OPTION]... [COMMAND] [ARGS]


  • -h, –help: Displays usage information.
  • -v, –version: Prints the version of devlink-trap.
  • -d, –dev: Device name to operate on.
  • -p, –port: Port number to operate on.
  • -a, –age: Age of the trap in seconds.
  • -s, –silent: Do not display trap output.
  • -f, –file: File to save the trap output to.
  • –poll: Poll mode operation.
  • –count: Number of traps to display/save.
  • –type: Event type to trap.
  • –no-timestamp: Do not display timestamps.


Set a trap for a specific event on a device:

devlink trap -d eth0 trap set -e link up

Display traps on a specific port:

devlink trap -d eth0 -p 1 trap get

Save traps to a file:

devlink trap -d eth0 trap get -f traps.txt

Common Issues

Error: No such device:
Make sure that the specified device exists.

Error: Invalid event type:
The specified event type is not supported by the device.


devlink-trap can be used with other Linux commands to automate network management tasks. For example, you could use a script to set up traps for specific events and then send an email alert when the event occurs.

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