devlink-lc - Linux


devlink-lc is a command-line tool for monitoring and managing Linux Control (LC) devices, which provide hardware-accelerated load-balancing capabilities for both TCP and UDP traffic.


devlink-lc [options] [device-name]


  • –stats : Display statistics for the specified LC device
  • –help : Print usage information and exit
  • –version : Print version information and exit


Display statistics for the lc1 device:

devlink-lc --stats lc1

Get help:

devlink-lc --help

Common Issues

  • If the devlink-lc command is not found, ensure that the devlink package is installed.
  • If statistics are not displayed, verify that the specified LC device is active and has traffic flowing through it.


devlink-lc can be used in conjunction with other Linux commands to perform advanced network management tasks. For example, it can be combined with tc to configure traffic shaping rules:

# Limit incoming bandwidth on the `lc1` device to 100 Mbps:
tc qdisc add dev lc1 root tbf rate 100mbit limit 10000

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