devlink-dpipe - Linux


devlink-dpipe is a command-line utility used to control Data Pipes in Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) for a given device or a set of devices. Data Pipes provide a mechanism to exchange additional information beyond the standard LLDP frame.


devlink-dpipe [OPTIONS] COMMAND


  • -d, --dev: Specify the network device to work on.
  • -D, --device-name: Filter devices by name.
  • -h, --help: Display help and exit.
  • -j, --json: Output in JSON format.
  • -V, --version: Display version and exit.
  • -v, --verbosity: Set the verbosity level (0-9).


Get the list of Data Pipes on a device:

devlink-dpipe --dev eth0 list

Disable a specific Data Pipe by its index:

devlink-dpipe --dev eth0 set disable 3

Add a new Data Pipe:

devlink-dpipe --dev eth0 add dpipe 0 rx active

Common Issues


  • Occurs when the specified device does not exist. Ensure that the provided device name is correct and the device is present.

Error: EPERM

  • Occurs when the user does not have sufficient privileges. Use sudo to elevate privileges.


devlink-dpipe can be used with other devlink commands to manage LLDP configurations. For example:

Get port information and Data Pipe configuration:

devlink port show --dev eth0 | grep dpipe

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