devlink-dev - Linux


devlink-dev is a command-line utility for managing network devices and their configurations. It provides a comprehensive interface for monitoring, modifying, and controlling network devices in Linux environments.




  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -V, –version: Print version information and exit.
  • -e, –exclude-dev: Exclude a specific device from the operation.
  • -s, –show-dev: Display device information as part of the command output.
  • -S, –show-metrics: Display extended device metrics along with device information.
  • -r, –report: Generate a report containing detailed device information.
  • -f, –format: Specify the output format. Valid options are ‘json’ and ‘text’.


Display device information:

devlink dev show

Modify a device’s offload capabilities:

devlink dev set eth0 tx_offload set gro,tso

Generate a JSON report for all devices:

devlink dev report -f json > devices.json

Common Issues

  • No output: Ensure that the device is properly recognized by the kernel. Check if the device status is ‘up’ using ip link show.
  • Permission denied: Verify that you have sufficient privileges to perform the operation. Use sudo or run the command as root.


devlink-dev can be integrated with other tools for advanced tasks:

  • tc: Modify traffic control rules.
  • ethtool: Retrieve device statistics and information.
  • ip: Manage network interfaces.

Related Commands

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  • ethtool
  • ip
  • ifconfig
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