derwin - Linux


derwin is a Linux command-line tool that allows users to quickly and efficiently create, edit, and manage digital artwork. It is designed for artists, designers, and anyone looking to create and manipulate images or graphics.


derwin [options] [command] [arguments]


  • -v, –version: Display version information and exit.
  • -h, –help: Print help and usage information.
  • -c, –create: Create a new canvas.
  • -o, –open: Open an existing canvas.
  • -s, –save: Save the current canvas.
  • -e, –export: Export the current canvas to a file.
  • -i, –import: Import an image or graphic into the canvas.
  • -l, –layers: Manage layers within the canvas.
  • -t, –tools: Access various editing tools for drawing, painting, and manipulating images.


  • Create a new canvas:
derwin -c
  • Open an existing canvas:
derwin -o canvas.dwc
  • Save the current canvas:
derwin -s canvas.dwc
  • Export the current canvas to a PNG file:
derwin -e canvas.dwc canvas.png
  • Import an image into the canvas:
derwin -i image.jpg

Common Issues

  • Cannot open a canvas: Ensure that the file is valid and that you have the appropriate permissions to access it.
  • Tool not responding: Check if the tool is selected and that you have a valid target selected on the canvas.
  • Canvas is not saving: Verify that you have write permissions to the destination folder and that the filename is valid.


derwin can be integrated into scripts and command chains for automated tasks. For example:

  • Using derwin with ImageMagick to resize an image:
derwin -o image.dwc; convert image.dwc -resize 50% image-resized.png
  • Using derwin with GIMP to enhance a photo:
gimp -i image.jpg; derwin -o image-enhanced.dwc; gimp -i image-enhanced.dwc

Related Commands

  • gimp: Professional image manipulation software.
  • inkscape: Vector graphics editor.
  • krita: Digital painting and illustration software.