del_curterm - Linux


del_curterm is a command-line tool used to delete a current terminal object from the Linux kernel. It is commonly employed in virtual terminal (VT) management scenarios, allowing users to remove unused or obsolete terminal instances.


del_curterm <options>


  • -f, –force: Force deletion without confirmation.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output, displaying additional information.
  • -h, –help: Display help information.
  • -V, –version: Print version information.


Simple Deletion:

# Delete the current terminal

Force Deletion:

# Force deletion of the current terminal without confirmation
del_curterm -f

Verbose Mode:

# Display additional information while deleting the terminal
del_curterm -v

Common Issues

  • Permission Denied: Ensure you have sufficient privileges to delete the terminal object.
  • Terminal Not Found: Verify that the terminal object with the specified name exists.


VT Management Script:

# Delete unused terminals
for term in $(pgrep -d',') xterm); do
  del_curterm -f "$term"

Related Commands

  • new_curterm: Create a new current terminal object.
  • ls_curterm: List all current terminal objects.