def_prog_mode - Linux


The def_prog_mode command is used to set or unset the mode of the current process. The mode determines how the process will execute system calls.


def_prog_mode [OPTION]...


  • -c Set the mode to COMPILER
  • -d Set the mode to DEBUG
  • -h Show this help message and exit
  • -l Set the mode to LOADER
  • -r Set the mode to ROUTER
  • -s Set the mode to SHELL
  • -u Set the mode to USER
  • -w Set the mode to WEB


To set the mode of the current process to DEBUG, use:

def_prog_mode -d

To unset the mode of the current process, use:

def_prog_mode -u

Common Issues

One common issue when using def_prog_mode is that the desired mode may not be set correctly. This can happen if the user does not have sufficient permissions or if the mode is not supported by the system. To avoid this, ensure that the user has the required permissions and that the desired mode is supported.


The def_prog_mode command can be integrated with other Linux commands and tools to perform advanced tasks. For example, it can be used with the exec command to change the mode of a process before it is executed.

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