Debug Process - PowerShell


Debug-Process debugs a specified process, allowing you to inspect its code and data during runtime. It’s invaluable for troubleshooting, diagnosing errors, and gaining insights into how processes behave internally.


Debug-Process [-Id] <Int32[]> [-ProcessName] <String[]> [-InputObject] <Process[]> [-ShowCommand] -Command <ScriptBlock> [-NoCommand] [-NoScript] [-Break] [-SkipConstrained] [-SkipErrorActionStop] [-SkipDebugger] [-Force] [-PassThru] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [-ErrorAction] <ActionPreference> [-ErrorVariable] <String>


  • -Id: Specifies the ID of the process to debug.
  • -ProcessName: Specifies the name of the process to debug.
  • -InputObject: Specifies the process object to debug.
  • -ShowCommand: Displays the command that started the process.
  • -Command: Executes a script block in the context of the process.
  • -NoCommand: Prevents execution of the script block.
  • -NoScript: Prevents execution of scripts and modules in the process.
  • -Break: Pauses the process on entry to the script block.
  • -SkipConstrained: Skips constrained language runtimes.
  • -SkipErrorActionStop: Suppresses the ErrorAction preference of Stop.
  • -SkipDebugger: Debug the process even if a debugger is already attached.
  • -Force: Forces debugging even if the process is in an invalid state.
  • -PassThru: Returns the process object after debugging.
  • -WhatIf: Performs a simulation of the operation without actually executing it.
  • -Confirm: Prompts for confirmation before executing the operation.


Example 1: Debugging a process by ID

Debug-Process -Id 1234

Example 2: Executing a script block in a process

$scriptBlock = { Get-Process | Format-Table }
Debug-Process -Command $scriptBlock

Example 3: Skipping constrained language runtimes

Debug-Process -SkipConstrained

Common Issues

  • Ensure the process is not running in a protected or elevated environment.
  • Verify that the appropriate debugger is installed on the system.
  • If the process is not visible in PowerShell, use Get-Process -All to find it.


Debug-Process can be combined with other commands, such as:

  • Enter-Debugger: Steps into the debugger at the specified command.
  • Break-Process: Sets a breakpoint at the specified command.
  • Get-Process: Retrieves the process object beforedebugging.
  • Get-Process
  • Enter-Debugger
  • Break-Process