deb-shlibs - Linux


deb-shlibs is a command-line utility for extracting shared libraries from Debian packages. It’s commonly used for troubleshooting dependency issues or extracting specific libraries for use in other projects.


deb-shlibs [options] <package1> [package2] ...


  • -l, –list: List all shared libraries in the package without extracting them.
  • -x, –extract: Extract the shared libraries to the current directory.
  • -o, –output-dir : Specify a custom output directory for extracted libraries.
  • -t, –temp-dir : Set a temporary directory for intermediate files (default: /tmp/).
  • -h, –help: Display command usage information and exit.


Example 1: List libraries in a package:

deb-shlibs -l apache2

Example 2: Extract all shared libraries from a package:

deb-shlibs -x libmysqlclient21

Example 3: Extract specific libraries to a custom directory:

deb-shlibs -x -o /opt/libs python3-pip

Common Issues

Error: Package not found

Ensure that the package name you specified is valid and installed on your system.

Error: Failed to extract libraries

Check that you have sufficient permissions to write to the output directory. Also, make sure that the package contains shared libraries.


Alternative package management tools:

  • apt-file: Search for packages providing specific shared libraries.
  • dpkg-shlibs: Extract shared libraries from installed Debian packages.

Library dependency resolution:

  • ldd: Display shared library dependencies of an executable or shared library.
  • objdump: Analyze object files to determine shared library dependencies.

Related Commands

  • rpm-shlibs: Extract shared libraries from RPM packages.
  • file: Determine the file type, including shared library identification.