deb-preinst - Linux


deb-preinst is a utility command used during the installation of Debian packages. It runs before the installation of a package and is typically responsible for preparing the system for the package’s installation.


deb-preinst package-name [options]


  • -u, –unattended: Unattended installation. Do nothing.
  • -d, –dirname: The directory where the package is being installed.
  • –fakeroot: Run in fakeroot mode.


Checking System Requirements

deb-preinst my-package

Creating Directories

deb-preinst my-package --dirname /usr/share/my-package
mkdir /usr/share/my-package

Common Issues

  • Permission errors: Ensure that the user running the command has the necessary permissions to create directories or modify system settings.
  • Conflicting packages: Check for any conflicting packages or dependencies that may interfere with the installation.


deb-preinst can be used in conjunction with other Debian packaging tools, such as dpkg and apt-get. For example, you can use the following script to automatically create a directory and set permissions during package installation:


set -e

case "$1" in
    mkdir -p /usr/share/my-package
    chmod 755 /usr/share/my-package

Related Commands

  • dpkg-preconfigure: Preconfigures a package before installation.
  • apt-get: Manages Debian packages.