deb-postinst - Linux


deb-postinst executes a post-installation script when a Debian package is installed. It is primarily used to perform additional configuration steps or system modifications that cannot be handled by the package configuration management system (dpkg).


deb-postinst <package> <version>




Simple Usage

deb-postinst my-package 1.2.3

This command will execute the post-installation script for the package my-package after it has been installed with version 1.2.3.

Complex Usage

deb-postinst my-package 1.2.3 --force

The --force option forces the execution of the post-installation script even if the previous installation failed.

Common Issues

  • Error: post-installation script not found – This occurs when the package does not contain a post-installation script. Check the package contents or contact the package maintainer.


deb-postinst can be combined with other package management commands to automate installation tasks. For example:

dpkg -i my-package.deb && deb-postinst my-package 1.2.3

This command installs the my-package.deb package and then executes the post-installation script.

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