deb-origin - Linux


The deb-origin command is a utility used to identify the origin of Debian packages. It provides information about the source repository and maintainer responsible for a specific package.


deb-origin [-v|--verbose] [-n|--name NAME] PACKAGE


  • -v, --verbose: Output additional information, including the distribution and version.
  • -n, --name: Specify a different package name to search for (default: the name of the current package).


Basic usage:

deb-origin less

Verbose output:

deb-origin -v nano

Search for a different package:

deb-origin -n cmake cmake-data

Common Issues

  • Package not found: Ensure the package name is correct and the package is installed.
  • Multiple origins: If a package is provided by multiple sources, the command may list all of them.


deb-origin integrates with the apt package manager, allowing you to query package origins directly from the command line:

apt-show --provides PACKAGE | deb-origin

Related Commands

  • apt-show – Display information about packages.
  • dpkg-query – Show package information.
  • repoquery – Query information about RPM packages.