dcb-app - Linux


dcb-app is a command-line tool for inspecting, configuring, and managing DCB (Data Center Bridging) capabilities on a network interface. It enables administrators to monitor and manipulate traffic shaping and prioritization settings to optimize network performance in data centers.


dcb-app [options] <interface> <command> [args]


  • -s, –silent: Suppress all output except errors
  • -v, –verbose: Increase verbosity level
  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information



  • show: Display current DCB configuration
  • set: Set DCB configuration options


  • show: Display DCB statistics
  • clear: Clear DCB statistics


  • set: Set PFC (Priority-based Flow Control) configuration
  • clear: Clear PFC configuration


  • get: Get IEEE 802.1Qaz capabilities
  • set: Set IEEE 802.1Qaz configuration


  • get: Get peer information
  • set: Set peer configuration


Display current DCB configuration:

dcb-app eth0 show config

Set PFC on priority 4:

dcb-app eth0 set pfcs priority 4 on

Get IEEE 802.1Qaz capabilities:

dcb-app eth0 get ieee

Set IEEE 802.1Qaz configuration:

dcb-app eth0 set ieee max_tc 8

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure the user has sufficient privileges to modify network settings.
  • No DCB support: Check if the network interface supports DCB functionality.
  • Invalid arguments: Verify that the provided arguments correspond to the correct syntax.


dcb-app can be used in combination with other commands for advanced network management tasks. For instance:

tc qdisc show dev eth0 | grep dcb

This command chain displays the traffic shapers configured on an interface with DCB enabled.

Related Commands

  • ethtool: Configure Ethernet device settings
  • tc: Traffic control and network shaping
  • lshw: List hardware information, including DCB support