dane_strerror - Linux


dane_strerror translates a DANE error code into a human-readable string. This command is useful for troubleshooting and understanding DANE-related errors encountered in various applications.


dane_strerror [error_code]


| Flag | Default | Description |
| None | N/A | N/A |


To translate DANE error code 14 to a string:

$ dane_strerror 14
Too many TLSA records

To translate an error code stored in a variable:

$ error_code=19
$ dane_strerror $error_code
Invalid key algorithm

Common Issues

  • Incorrect error code: Ensure you are providing a valid DANE error code.
  • No output: If the command does not produce any output, verify that the library that supports DANE error translation is installed and loaded correctly.


The dane_strerror command can be combined with other commands for more advanced tasks:

  • Use with grep to filter specific errors:
$ dane_strerror 1 2 3 | grep "Too many"
Too many TLSA records
  • Use with xargs to translate multiple error codes simultaneously:
$ echo 14 19 26 | xargs dane_strerror
Too many TLSA records
Invalid key algorithm
Unrecognized hash function

Related Commands

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  • dane_cert: Extracts the DANE TLSA records from a certificate
  • DANE HOWTO: Comprehensive documentation on DANE and related tools