dane_cert_usage_name - Linux


dane_cert_usage_name inspects SSL certificates to determine their DNS Name usage. It helps system administrators and analysts verify that a domain name matches the certificate’s intended use.


dane_cert_usage_name [-i input_file] [-o output_file] [-n]


  • -i input_file: Specify the path to the input SSL certificate file.
  • -o output_file: Specify the path to the output file where the result will be saved.
  • -n: Do not insert a newline character in the output.


Simple Usage:

dane_cert_usage_name -i certificate.pem

Saving Output to a File:

dane_cert_usage_name -i certificate.pem -o result.txt

Removing Newlines from Output:

dane_cert_usage_name -i certificate.pem -n

Common Issues

  • Error: Unable to find expected TLS extension: Make sure you’re inspecting a valid TLS certificate.
  • Error: Syntax Error in Certificate: Verify the certificate file for any syntax issues.


Combining with grep to Filter Results:

dane_cert_usage_name -i certificate.pem | grep "DNS Name"

Using awk to Extract Usage Values:

dane_cert_usage_name -i certificate.pem | awk '{print $2}'

Related Commands

  • openssl: Utility for managing SSL certificates and keys.
  • nss_cert_usage_name: Similar tool for inspecting certificates in NSS format.