dane_cert_type_name - Linux


dane_cert_type_name is a command-line utility used to determine the certificate type for a given Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) record. It takes a raw DNSSEC record as input, analyzes it, and outputs the type name of the enclosed certificate.


dane_cert_type_name [options] -i <input-file>


  • -i, –input-file: Specifies the path to the raw DNSSEC record file. This option is required.
  • –version: Displays the current version of the dane_cert_type_name command.
  • –help: Displays a brief help message.


Extract Certificate Type:

Extract the certificate type from a DNSSEC record stored in dnssec_record.bin:

dane_cert_type_name -i dnssec_record.bin

Common Issues

Error: Invalid DNSSEC Record:

If the provided DNSSEC record is invalid or cannot be parsed, the command will output an error message. Ensure that the record is in the correct format and that it was generated using a trustworthy source.


Combine with TLD Extractor:

Combine dane_cert_type_name with a tool like tld-extractor to extract the top-level domain (TLD) of a DNSSEC record and then use the TLD to determine the appropriate certificate type:

tld=$(tld-extractor <dnssec_record.bin>)
cert_type=$(dane_cert_type_name -i <dnssec_record.bin>)
print "Certificate type for $tld: $cert_type"

Related Commands

  • dig: A tool for querying DNS servers.
  • dane_cert_decode: A tool for decoding and extracting information from DANE certificates.