curs_util - Linux


curs_util is a versatile command-line utility for accessing and manipulating terminal cursor information. It allows precise control over the cursor’s position, shape, and visibility, making it indispensable for terminal-based applications.




  • -p, –position: Get or set the cursor’s current position (row, column).
  • -s, –shape: Change the cursor’s shape (e.g., block, underline).
  • -v, –visibility: Show or hide the cursor.
  • -r, –reset: Reset the cursor to its default position and shape.
  • -h, –help: Display help information.


  1. Get Cursor Position:
curs_util -p
# Output: [0, 0]
  1. Move Cursor to Row 10, Column 20:
curs_util -p 10 20
  1. Change to Block Cursor Shape:
curs_util -s block
  1. Hide the Cursor:
curs_util -v 0
  1. Reset Cursor to Defaults:
curs_util -r

Common Issues

  • Cursor Blinking: Some terminal emulators may cause the cursor to blink after changing its visibility. Try disabling cursor blinking in the emulator settings.
  • Incorrect Cursor Shape: Not all terminal emulators support all cursor shapes. Use the -s list option to check supported shapes.


  • With Scripting: Automate cursor manipulation in scripts.
  • With Terminal Applications: Integrate curs_util into terminal-based programs to enhance cursor control.
  • With Other Commands: Combine with commands like echo or sed for precise text manipulation.

Related Commands

  • tput: Control terminal output and cursor movement.
  • reset: Reset terminal settings, including cursor position and shape.
  • infocmp: Display terminal capabilities, including information about cursor control.