curs_threads - Linux



curs_threads is a command-line utility for managing and manipulating multiple cursors in the Linux console. It allows users to create, move, and interact with multiple cursors simultaneously, enhancing productivity in text-based environments.


curs_threads [options] <commands>


  • -a: Create new cursors on all available threads.
  • -c : Create a specified number of cursors (maximum 64).
  • -i : Specify the input device to use for cursor movement.
  • -m: Move all cursors simultaneously.
  • -n: Do not display the cursor count in the console title.
  • -r: Reset all cursors to their initial positions.
  • -s: Stop the curs_threads daemon.
  • -t : Create a cursor only on the specified thread (0-indexed).
  • -v: Enable verbose output.
  • -h, –help: Display help information.
  • -V, –version: Display version information.


Create Multiple Cursors

curs_threads -c 4

Move All Cursors

curs_threads -m down 10

Create a Cursor on a Specific Thread

curs_threads -t 3

Reset All Cursors

curs_threads -r

Common Issues

  • Cursor freezing: Ensure that the input device specified with -i is correctly recognized by the system.
  • Cursor collision: When moving multiple cursors simultaneously, they may collide. Use the -m option to avoid this.


curs_threads can be integrated with other commands for advanced tasks:

# Use curs_threads to control multiple instances of vi
curs_threads -c 4 vi

Related Commands

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  • tmux: Advanced terminal multiplexer with extensive customization options.
  • konsole: KDE terminal emulator with support for multiple tabs and cursors.