curs_terminfo - Linux


curs_terminfo reads the terminfo database and produces initialization strings for curses, suitable for compiling into a program.


curs_terminfo [-a] [-e path] [-k name=value] [-x name] [-l]


  • -a: Produces strings suitable for compiling into a program.
  • -e path: Specifies the path to the terminfo database (default: /usr/share/terminfo).
  • -k name=value: Appends the key-value pair to the initialization string.
  • -x name: Deletes the key from the initialization string.
  • -l: Lists all available terminals.


Simple Initialization

curs_terminfo home_linux

Adding a Key-Value Pair

curs_terminfo -k cursor_left=\x1B[D home_linux

Deleting a Key

curs_terminfo -x cursor_left home_linux

Common Issues

  • Incorrect terminal name: Ensure the terminal name is correct, as specified in the terminfo database.
  • Missing or corrupted terminfo database: Verify that the database exists at the specified path and is not corrupted.


curs_terminfo can be used with the following commands:

  • terminfo: Provides information about terminal capabilities.
  • tput: Sets terminal capabilities.

Related Commands

  • tic: Compiles terminfo files into binary format.
  • infocmp: Compares terminfo files.