curs_slk - Linux


curs_slk is a command-line tool for manipulating software labels in a curses application. It enables configuring and displaying labels that appear at the bottom of the screen, providing information or guidance to the user.


curs_slk [-T termtype] [-e] [-f] [-m] [-a attrs] [-l] [-q] [-k keyword] [label]


  • -T termtype: Specify the terminal type.
  • -e: Enable software labels.
  • -f: Display labels directly on the screen.
  • -m: Set the labels in memory but do not display them.
  • -a attrs: Set the attributes of the labels, such as color or boldness.
  • -l: List the available labels.
  • -q: Query the current label settings.
  • -k keyword: Set a label as the current label.
  • label: Set the text of the specified label.


Enable software labels:

curs_slk -e

Display labels on the screen:

curs_slk -f

Set the current label:

curs_slk -k help

Query the current settings:

curs_slk -q

Set the text of label 1:

curs_slk -1 "Press F1 for help"

Common Issues

Labels not displayed: Ensure that software labels are enabled (-e) and the terminal supports SLK.

Labels not visible: Use -f to display labels directly on the screen or check the label attributes (-a).


curs_slk can be used with other curses applications to provide custom labels and user guidance. For example, it can be integrated into a text editor to display status information or keyboard shortcuts.

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