curs_scanw - Linux


curs_scanw is a curses library function that reads input from the user and scans it according to a specified format string. It is typically used to read user input for curses applications, allowing for sophisticated and user-friendly text-based interfaces.


int curs_scanw(const char *fmt, ...);




Example 1: Reading a Single Character

int ch;
curs_scanw("%c", &ch);

Example 2: Reading a String

char name[50];
curs_scanw("%s", name);

Example 3: Reading an Integer and a Float

int age;
float weight;
curs_scanw("%d %f", &age, &weight);

Common Issues

  • Incorrect format strings: Ensure that the format string matches the expected input.
  • Buffer overflow: Allocate sufficient space for the input data to avoid memory issues.


curs_scanw can be integrated with other curses functions to create complex user interfaces. For example:

void get_user_input() {
    char input[50];
    curs_scanw("%s", input);

Related Commands

  • curs_getc: Reads a single character from the input buffer.
  • curs_getstr: Reads a string from the input buffer.