curs_printw - Linux


curs_printw is a versatile ncurses utility used to format and print text in a specified location on the terminal screen. It provides precise control over cursor movement and text styling, making it ideal for creating complex and dynamic user interfaces in text-based applications.


curs_printw(const char *fmt, ...);


  • fmt: A format string that follows the same syntax as printf.
  • …: Variable arguments to be formatted according to the specified format string.




Simple Text Printing:

curs_printw("Hello, world!");

Formatted Output:

curs_printw("Age: %d, Height: %.2f cm", 30, 178.5);

Cursor Movement:

curs_printw("Line 1\n");
curs_printw("Line 2\n");
curs_move(0, 0); // Move cursor back to the top
curs_printw("New Text");

Common Issues

  • Missing Header Include: #include <ncurses.h> must be included before using curs_printw.
  • Terminal Configuration: Ensure that the terminal is configured to support curses mode using initscr().
  • String Truncation: If the formatted text exceeds the available space on the screen, it may be truncated. Use COLS and LINES to determine the screen size.


  • Combining with getstr(): Prompt the user for input at a specific location using curs_printw and capture their response with getstr().
  • Creating Menus: Position menu options and highlight selected items using curs_printw.
  • Form Handling: Display form fields and collect user input in designated areas using curs_printw and scanw().

Related Commands

  • printf: Standard C function for formatted output.
  • initscr(), endwin(): Functions for initializing and ending curses mode.
  • move(), getyx(): Functions for cursor movement and getting cursor coordinates.