curs_print - Linux


curs_print is a command-line tool that enables users to print the current cursor position and associated attributes. It’s particularly useful for debugging and analyzing terminal emulators or text-based applications.


curs_print [-f][-o][-p]


  • -f: Format output as a single line of comma-separated values.
  • -o: Output cursor position only (x, y coordinates).
  • -p: Output cursor attributes in addition to position.


  • Print cursor position and attributes:
  • Print cursor position only:
curs_print -o
  • Print cursor position and attributes as a single line:
curs_print -f

Common Issues

  • Error: "No cursor support": Ensure the terminal emulator supports cursor positioning and reporting.
  • Incorrect output: Verify the terminal emulator’s cursor position reporting accuracy.


curs_print can be integrated with other commands for advanced debugging tasks:

  • With grep: Filter cursor attributes based on specific patterns.
  • With sed: Modify or extract cursor information using regular expressions.

Related Commands

  • tput: Control cursor movement and other terminal settings.
  • reset: Reset terminal settings, including cursor position.
  • clear: Clear the terminal screen, including cursor position.