curs_opaque - Linux


curs_opaque is a command-line tool used for setting or getting the opaque cursor property of a terminal window. By default, the cursor in Linux terminals is shaped like a blinking rectangle, and this command allows you to make the cursor opaque, improving visibility in certain scenarios.


curs_opaque [OPTIONS] [ON|OFF]


  • -h, –help: Displays the help message for curs_opaque.
  • -q, –quiet: Suppresses all output, except for error messages.
  • -v, –verbose: Sets the verbose mode, providing additional information about the command’s execution.


Set the cursor to opaque:

curs_opaque ON

Get the current cursor opacity status:


Make the cursor opaque and display verbose output:

curs_opaque -v ON

Common Issues

  • Cannot set cursor opacity: Ensure that your terminal supports this feature. Not all terminals have the capability to change the cursor opacity.
  • No output when using -q: In quiet mode, curs_opaque only prints error messages if any.


curs_opaque can be used in conjunction with other commands to customize the terminal environment further:

  • Clear the screen and set the cursor to opaque:
clear && curs_opaque ON
  • Run a command in a terminal with an opaque cursor:
curs_opaque ON bash -c "ls -lah"

Related Commands

  • tput: A command used for controlling various terminal settings, including cursor behavior.
  • xterm: A widely used terminal emulator that supports various customization options, including cursor opacity.
  • konsole: A KDE terminal emulator with advanced features, including the ability to set cursor opacity.