curs_legacy - Linux


curs_legacy is a legacy command, deprecated on most Linux distributions, used for managing cursor shape and behavior in curses-based terminal applications.


curs_legacy [-fcsV] [shape]


  • -f: Use the legacy function rcurs for cursor operations.
  • -c: Use the legacy function rc_cursor for cursor operations.
  • -s: Use the legacy curs_set function instead of the ncurses curs_set macro for cursor operations.
  • -V: Print the version of curs_legacy and exit.


Setting the cursor shape

curs_legacy block
curs_legacy underline

Restoring the default cursor shape

curs_legacy restore

Common Issues

curs_legacy is deprecated and may not be available on all systems. It is recommended to use ncurses instead.


curs_legacy can be used with other curses functions to control the cursor and manage terminal display. For example, it can be combined with curs_set to set the cursor visibility and shape.

Related Commands

  • ncurses: A modern and well-supported library for terminal handling and cursor control.
  • tput: A command-line tool for manipulating terminal settings, including cursor control.