curs_ins_wstr - Linux


curs_ins_wstr is a Linux command used to update a single-byte character in a file using a wide character. It is primarily utilized to insert Unicode characters into ASCII text files.


curs_ins_wstr file offset wchar




Insert an € symbol into a text file:

curs_ins_wstr file.txt 5 L'\u20AC'

Insert a Chinese character into a text file:

curs_ins_wstr file.txt 7 L'\u4E2D\u6587'

Common Issues

  • Invalid offset: Ensure the provided offset is valid within the file’s size.
  • Invalid wide character: Verify that the provided wide character is valid Unicode.


Combine with ‘sed’ to search and replace characters:

sed -i 's/€/\u20AC/g' file.txt

Related Commands

  • curs_del_chars: Deletes characters from a file.
  • curs_get_chars: Retrieves characters from a file.
  • od: Shows a file as a dump of bytes.