curs_inopts - Linux


curs_inopts is a Linux command-line tool commonly used to manage cursor initialization options. It allows administrators and power users to configure various cursor-related settings within a terminal session, customizing its appearance and behavior to suit their preferences. This command is particularly beneficial for users who frequently work with text in Linux environments.


curs_inopts [options]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -h or --help | Display help message and exit. | N/A |
| -v or --version | Show version information and exit. | N/A |
| -V or --verbose | Enable verbose output. | False |
| -n or --name=<cursor_name> | Specify the name of the cursor shape to use. See /usr/share/terminfo/[console_type]/cursor_names for available options. | Default cursor shape |
| -f or --file=<terminal_info_file> | Specify an alternate terminal information file to use. | /etc/terminfo/[console_type] |
| -r or --reset | Reset the cursor to its default settings. | N/A |
| -j or --jump | Enable cursor jumping instead of smooth movement. | False |
| -s or --speed=<speed> | Set the cursor movement speed. Valid values range from 0 (slowest) to 10 (fastest). | Default cursor speed |
| -l or --label=<label> | Set the label to be displayed for the cursor. | No label |


Example 1: Display Help Message

curs_inopts -h

Example 2: Change Cursor Shape

curs_inopts -n underscore

Example 3: Reset Cursor to Default Settings

curs_inopts -r

Example 4: Set Cursor Speed

curs_inopts -s 5

Example 5: Enable Verbose Output

curs_inopts -v

Common Issues

  • Error: "Invalid cursor name."
    Solution: Ensure the specified cursor name is valid. Refer to the file /usr/share/terminfo/[console_type]/cursor_names for a list of available cursor shapes.

  • Problem: The cursor does not behave as expected.
    Solution: Try using the -v or --verbose option to enable verbose output, which may provide additional information about the issue. Additionally, check if there are any errors or warnings displayed when running the command.


curs_inopts can be used in conjunction with other commands, such as tput and infocmp, to further customize terminal behavior. For instance, the following command chain sets the cursor shape to a blinking block:

curs_inopts -n blink_block && tput civis

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