curs_inch - Linux


curs_inch is a Linux command used to manipulate the terminal cursor position by moving it a specified number of absolute inches from its current location. It’s primarily used in terminal-based applications, such as text editors or graphical interfaces, to precisely position the cursor for rendering or editing tasks.


curs_inch [-d] [-f] [-m] [-r] [-t] [UP DOWN]


  • -d: Decrement the cursor position.
  • -f: Display the current cursor position relative to the top of the screen.
  • -m: Move the cursor to the specified position without erasing the screen.
  • -r: Reset the cursor position to the default origin (top left corner).
  • -t: Teleport the cursor to the specified position without affecting character attributes.


  • Move the cursor 5 inches down from its current position:

    curs_inch -d 5
  • Display the current cursor position relative to the screen’s top:

    curs_inch -f
  • Move the cursor to position (10, 20) without erasing the screen:

    curs_inch -m 10 20

Common Issues

  • If you specify a position outside the terminal boundaries, the cursor will move to the nearest edge.
  • When using the -t flag, character attributes at the target position may not be preserved, resulting in unexpected visual effects.


curs_inch can be used in conjunction with other cursor manipulation commands, such as curs_up and curs_down, to implement custom text editing or terminal navigation functions. It can also be integrated into scripts or command chains to automate cursor positioning tasks.

Related Commands

  • curs_set: Set the cursor position to an absolute or relative coordinate.
  • tput: A more versatile command for cursor manipulation, but may not be available in all terminal emulators.
  • ncurses: A library that provides a more comprehensive set of cursor manipulation functions for text-based applications.