curs_in_wchstr - Linux


curs_in_wchstr is a versatile command used to find the position of a string within a wider character string. It is particularly useful in text processing, data analysis, and search operations.


curs_in_wchstr <needle> <haystack> [<start_pos>]


  • <needle>: The substring to search for.
  • <haystack>: The string to search within.
  • **<start_pos> (Optional): The starting position to begin the search. Defaults to 0.




Find the first occurrence of "test" in "Hello world, this is a test":

curs_in_wchstr test "Hello world, this is a test"

Find the position of "is" in "This is a test" starting from position 4:

curs_in_wchstr is "This is a test" 4

Common Issues

  • Negative search results: The command returns -1 if the substring is not found.
  • Out-of-bounds starting position: Starting the search from a position beyond the length of the haystack will result in undefined behavior.


  • Can be used as part of shell scripts or programming code to manipulate or analyze strings.
  • Can be combined with other commands like cut and tr to extract or format specific parts of the search result.

Related Commands

  • grep: Searches for patterns in text files.
  • awk: Text processing language that can also perform substring searches.
  • sed: Stream editor that supports string manipulation and substitution.