curs_in_wch - Linux


curs_in_wch is a command-line utility for retrieving the current cursor position within the visible part of a specified window. It is particularly useful for obtaining the relative location of the cursor in a terminal window or other text-based user interface.


curs_in_wch [options] <window title>


| Option | Description | Default |
| -s, --separator | Separator between the row and column values | x |
| -v, --verbose | Show additional information, such as the window’s dimensions and the full cursor position | false |
| -h, --help | Display help information and exit | false |


curs_in_wch Konsole
# Output: 3x6

Retrieve the cursor position within the Konsole window and separate row and column values with a custom separator:

curs_in_wch -s: Terminal
# Output: 1:10

Display verbose information, including window dimensions and absolute cursor position:

curs_in_wch -v nano*
# Output:
# Window title: nano Untitled 2
# Window dimensions: 24x80
# Cursor position (absolute): (0, 53)
# Cursor position (within visible window): 4x1

Common Issues

Invalid window title: If the specified window title does not match any open window, curs_in_wch will return an error message.

Non-focused window: curs_in_wch retrieves information from the focused window. Make sure the desired window is active before using the command.


curs_in_wch can be combined with other commands for various tasks, such as:

$ curs_in_wch -s' ' | sed 's/^[0-9]* *[0-9]*$/\1,\2/'
# Retrieve cursor position as comma-separated row,column values

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