curs_getch - Linux


curs_getch is a command used to read a single character from the standard input, without echoing it on the screen. It is often used in terminal-based user interfaces to capture user input without making it visible to others.


curs_getch [options]


  • -cScreen Coordinates: Specifies the screen coordinates of the cursor.
  • -dDuration: Sets the duration (in milliseconds) for which the character will be read.
  • -eEcho Character: Sets the character to be echoed on the screen instead of the actual input.
  • -iInput Mode: Specifies the input mode to be used. Possible values are:
    • line: Read input as a line of text.
    • char: Read input as a single character.
    • timed: Read input as a single character or a line of text, depending on the time elapsed.
  • -mMessage: Sets the message to be displayed on the screen.
  • -pPassword Mode: Hides the input character on the screen, making it suitable for password input.
  • -sSilent Mode: Suppresses all output from the command.


Simple Character Input:


Reading a Password:

curs_getch -p

Displaying a Message and Reading Input:

curs_getch -m "Enter your name:"

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the terminal is set to raw mode for correct operation.
  • Using -d with -i line may not yield expected results.
  • Input may be truncated if the -d timeout expires.


Combination with Other Commands:

command1 | curs_getch | command2

Script Automation:


read_input() {
    curs_getch -i line

echo "Enter your input:"

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