curs_getcchar - Linux


curs_getcchar retrieves the character under a given cursor position in the terminal. It’s commonly used in terminal manipulation and text editing applications to access and modify characters at specific locations within the terminal screen.


curs_getcchar(int x, int y)


| Flag | Description |
| x | Horizontal cursor position (0-based). |
| y | Vertical cursor position (0-based). |


  • Get the character under the cursor at position (10, 5):
char c = curs_getcchar(10, 5);
  • Replace the character at position (0, 0) with ‘X’:
curs_getcchar(0, 0) = 'X';

Common Issues

  • Out of bounds: If the given cursor position is outside the terminal screen, the behavior is undefined. Ensure that the x and y coordinates are within the terminal window dimensions.
  • Read-only terminal: Some terminals may prevent character modification. In this case, curs_getcchar will not be able to change the character at the specified position.


curs_getcchar is often used in conjunction with other terminal manipulation functions like curs_setpos and curs_move. It allows for precise character manipulation and cursor positioning within terminal-based applications.

Related Commands

  • tput: A command-line utility that can be used to control terminal behavior, including cursor positioning and character manipulation.
  • terminfo: A database that contains information about different types of terminals, including cursor movement and character attribute capabilities.