curs_extend - Linux


curs_extend is a Linux utility used to extend the capabilities of the cursor keys on a terminal emulator. It allows users to perform advanced cursor movements and selections, making text editing and navigation more efficient.


curs_extend [options]


  • -o: Extend cursor movements beyond the end of the line.
  • -e: Enable extended cursor selection.
  • -m: Enable multiple cursor selection.
  • -c: Enable character selection.
  • -w: Enable word selection.
  • -l: Enable line selection.
  • -s: Enable search mode.


Extend cursor movements beyond the end of the line:

curs_extend -o

Enable multiple cursor selection:

curs_extend -m

Select a word using extended cursor selection:

curs_extend -e

Search for a specific string in search mode:

curs_extend -s

Common Issues

  • Cursor jumps to the beginning of the line when moving beyond the end: Disable the -o option to prevent this behavior.
  • Selection does not work properly: Ensure that the correct selection mode is enabled (e.g., character, word, line).


Pipe output to other commands:

cat file.txt | curs_extend -l | grep "important"

Use with text editors:

Configure curs_extend in your preferred text editor to enhance cursor capabilities.

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