curs_deleteln - Linux


curs_deleteln is a utility that deletes a line from a cursor-addressed terminal. It is most commonly used in scripts and programs to clean up temporary or unnecessary lines of text on the screen.


curs_deleteln [-cr]


  • -c: Clears the screen after deleting the line.
  • -r: Scrolls the remaining lines of text up to fill the deleted line. Default behavior.


  • Delete a line and scroll up:
  • Delete a line and clear the screen:
curs_deleteln -c

Common Issues

  • Error: Invalid argument: Ensure you are using the correct syntax and options. Valid options are -c and -r.

  • No visible effect: Check if the terminal supports cursor addressing. This command may not work on all terminals.


  • With tput: Use tput to control the cursor position and then use curs_deleteln to delete the line.
  • In scripts: Use curs_deleteln to remove temporary output or clear the screen before displaying new information.

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