curs_border_set - Linux


curs_border_set is a Linux command used to set the border style for the cursor within the terminal emulator. It modifies the appearance of the cursor, allowing for easier visibility and customization of the user interface.


curs_border_set <style>


| Flag | Description | Default Value |
| underline | Sets the cursor as an underline | |
| block | Specifies a block-shaped cursor | |
| bar | Sets a vertical bar-shaped cursor | |


  • Set the cursor to an underline:
curs_border_set underline
  • Create a block-shaped cursor:
curs_border_set block

Common Issues

  • Ensure the terminal emulator supports cursor border customization.
  • Some terminal emulators may have limitations on the available border styles.


  • Use curs_border_set in scripts or command chains to dynamically change the cursor border style based on specific conditions.
  • Combine curs_border_set with other commands like printf or echo to create custom cursor effects, such as blinking or colored borders.

Related Commands

  • curs_set – Sets various cursor attributes like visibility and blinking.
  • tput – Provides utility commands to manipulate terminal properties, including cursor positioning and border styles.