curs_bkgrnd - Linux


curs_bkgrnd is a Linux command used to set or retrieve the background color for the terminal cursor. It primarily serves to enhance the visibility and customization of the cursor, particularly in complex or text-heavy environments.


curs_bkgrnd [OPTION] [COLOR]


  • -h, –help: Display usage information and exit.
  • -r, –reset: Reset the cursor background color to the default value.


  • Set the cursor background color to red:
curs_bkgrnd red
  • Retrieve the current cursor background color:
  • Reset the cursor background color to default:
curs_bkgrnd -r

Common Issues

  • Color recognition error: If the specified color is not a valid color name or hex code, curs_bkgrnd may fail. Ensure the color input is valid.
  • Terminal support: Not all terminal emulators support cursor customization. Verify that your terminal emulator supports this feature.


curs_bkgrnd can be integrated with other Linux commands and shell scripts to enhance the user experience:

# Set cursor background to green and text color to white in Vim
echo "set cursorline" | vim
echo "set cursorcolumn" | vim
curs_bkgrnd green
tput setaf 7

Related Commands

  • tput: Terminal control utility for setting various terminal attributes.
  • setterm: Configures terminal settings, including cursor color.