curs_bkgd - Linux


The curs_bkgd command in Linux controls the background color of the cursor in a terminal emulator. It allows users to customize the appearance of their cursor for improved visibility and aesthetics.


curs_bkgd [OPTIONS] [COLOR]


  • -e: Set the background color of the cursor. This option requires a valid color name or RGB value.
  • -d: Reset the cursor background color to the default.
  • -t: Set the alpha transparency level for the background color. Accepts values from 0 (fully transparent) to 255 (fully opaque).


  • Set cursor background to red: curs_bkgd -e red
  • Set cursor background to RGB value: curs_bkgd -e '#FF0000'
  • Reset cursor background to default: curs_bkgd -d
  • Set cursor background to blue with 50% transparency: curs_bkgd -e blue -t 128

Common Issues

  • Invalid color: Ensure that the specified color name or RGB value is valid.
  • No visible change: Check if your terminal emulator supports changing the cursor background color.


The curs_bkgd command can be used with other Linux commands to create custom scripts or command chains. For instance, you can combine it with xrdb to set the cursor background color system-wide.

Related Commands

  • tput: Configure terminal settings, including cursor movement and color.
  • setterm: Control terminal settings, including cursor appearance.
  • xrdb: Manage X resources, including cursor appearance.