curs_attr - Linux


curs_attr modifies the attributes such as color, blink, etc. of the cursor of the active X terminal.


curs_attr [-color] [-blink] [-reverse] [-unblink] [-underline] [-ununderline] [-reverse] [-unreverse]


-color : Changes the color of the cursor to the given color code.

-blink: Makes the cursor blink.

-unblink: Stops the cursor from blinking.

-underline: Underlines the cursor.

-ununderline: Un-underline the cursor.

-reverse: Inverts the colors of the cursor.

-unreverse: Inverts the colors of the cursor.


  • To change the cursor color to red:
curs_attr -color red
  • To make the cursor blink and underline:
curs_attr -blink -underline
  • To un-blink and un-underline the cursor:
curs_attr -unblink -ununderline

Common Issues

  • If the cursor color is not recognized, the default color will be used.
  • If multiple color codes are specified, only the last one will be used.


curs_attr can be used with other X terminal commands such as xterm and rxvt. For example, the following command will create a new X terminal with a black cursor:

xterm -bg black -fg white -cursorcolor black

Related Commands

  • xterm: The X terminal emulator
  • rxvt: Another X terminal emulator