curs_addwstr - Linux


The curs_addwstr function is used to add a wide character string to the curses window. It displays the wide character string str at the current cursor position and advances the cursor position accordingly.


int curs_addwstr(WINDOW *win, cchar_t *str);




The following example adds the wide character string Hello, World! to the curses window at the current cursor position:

WINDOW *win;
cchar_t str[] = L"Hello, World!";

curs_addwstr(win, str);

Common Issues

If the wide character string contains any null characters, the function will stop writing at the first null character and return ERR.


The curs_addwstr function can be used with other curses functions to create complex text-based applications. For example, it can be used to create a text editor or a web browser.

Related Commands

The following commands are related to curs_addwstr:

  • curs_addstr: Adds a character string to the curses window.
  • curs_delwin: Deletes a curses window.
  • curs_initscr: Initializes the curses library.
  • curs_refresh: Refreshes the curses window.