cupsd-logs - Linux


cupsd-logs is a command-line utility that manages the logs generated by the CUPS printing system. It provides a convenient way to view, search, and manipulate log files, making it easier to troubleshoot printing issues and monitor the health of the system.


cupsd-logs [-v] [-h] [-s] [-n [lognum]] [-t [logtype]] [--start-date=DATE] [--end-date=DATE] [--log-dir=DIR] [--search=QUERY]


  • -v, –verbose: Print verbose output.
  • -h, –help: Print help message and exit.
  • -s, –status: Display the current status of the CUPS logs.
  • -n [lognum]: Specify the log number to view or manage. Default is the most recent log.
  • -t [logtype]: Specify the log type to view or manage. Default is all log types.
  • –start-date=DATE: Filter logs to be displayed starting from a specific date.
  • –end-date=DATE: Filter logs to be displayed ending at a specific date.
  • –log-dir=DIR: Specify the directory where the CUPS logs are stored. Default is /var/log/cups.
  • –search=QUERY: Search for specific text or keywords within the logs.


1. View the most recent CUPS log:


2. View a specific log by number:

cupsd-logs -n 10

3. Search for logs containing the term "error":

cupsd-logs --search=error

4. Display logs from a specific date range:

cupsd-logs --start-date=2023-01-01 --end-date=2023-01-31

5. Change the directory where CUPS logs are stored:

cupsd-logs --log-dir=/var/log/custom-cups-logs

Common Issues

1. No logs are being displayed:

  • Ensure that the CUPS service is running and generating logs.
  • Check the value of the --log-dir option and make sure it points to the correct directory.

2. Search results are incomplete:

  • Verify that the --search query is correct and specific.
  • Try using a different search term or broadening the search criteria.


cupsd-logs can be integrated with other Linux commands to perform more advanced tasks:

  • grep: Filter logs based on specific patterns (cupsd-logs | grep "error").
  • awk: Extract specific information from logs (cupsd-logs | awk '{print $3}').
  • sort: Sort logs by date, time, or other criteria (cupsd-logs | sort -nk3).

Related Commands

  • lpstat: Provides status information about print queues and jobs.
  • lpadmin: Manages printer queues and related settings.
  • CUPS documentation: Official documentation for the CUPS printing system.