cupsaccept - Linux


cupsaccept is a command-line tool used in Linux systems that allows administrators to accept incoming print requests from remote clients. It operates within the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) and plays a vital role in managing printing tasks in a network environment.


cupsaccept [options]


  • -a, –accept: Accept all incoming print requests.
  • -r, –reject: Reject all incoming print requests.
  • -o, –options: Print available command-line options.
  • -h, –help: Print help message and exit.


Accept all print requests:

cupsaccept -a

Reject all print requests:

cupsaccept -r

Print available options:

cupsaccept -o

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have sufficient privileges to manage printing settings.
  • Connection refused: Verify that the CUPS service is running and network connectivity is established.
  • Unknown printer: Check that the specified printer name is valid and registered with CUPS.


cupsaccept can be integrated with other CUPS commands to streamline printing workflows. For instance, it can be used in conjunction with cupsenable and cupsdisable to dynamically manage printer availability.

Related Commands

  • lpadmin: Manages printer setup and configuration.
  • lpstat: Displays the status of print queues and printers.
  • lpr: Submits print jobs to the printer queue.
  • CUPS documentation