cups-snmp.conf - Linux


cups-snmp.conf is a configuration file for the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) module. It allows administrators to configure SNMP settings for monitoring and managing print jobs, printers, and the CUPS server.




  • Port (default: 161): Set the UDP port for SNMP communication.
  • Community (default: public): Specify the SNMP community string used for authentication.
  • Allowed (default: Restrict SNMP access to specified IP addresses or networks.
  • TrapDestinations (default: Set the destinations for SNMP trap messages.
  • TrapCommunity (default: public): Define the SNMP community string for sending trap messages.
  • SysName (default: hostname): Override the system name reported by SNMP.
  • SysLocation (default: ""): Set the system location for SNMP reporting.
  • SysContact (default: ""): Specify the system administrator’s contact information for SNMP.
  • IgnorePrinters (default: ""): List printers to exclude from SNMP monitoring.
  • LogSNMP (default: error): Set the logging level for SNMP operations.
  • LogToConsole (default: off): Enable console logging for SNMP messages.


Enable SNMP on port 162:

Port 162

Restrict SNMP access to local IP addresses:


Send SNMP traps to multiple destinations:


Set the system name and location:

SysName "My Printing Server"
SysLocation "Room 312"

Common Issues

  • SNMP communication errors: Verify that the firewall allows UDP traffic on the configured port and that the CUPS SNMP module is running.
  • Invalid community string: Ensure that the community string specified in cups-snmp.conf matches the one configured on the SNMP monitoring tool.


  • SNMP monitoring: Integrate with SNMP monitoring systems (e.g., Nagios, Zabbix) to track printer status, print jobs, and other CUPS-related metrics.
  • Log analysis: Parse SNMP trap messages for errors and performance issues to troubleshoot printing problems.

Related Commands

  • snmp: Tool for managing and querying SNMP agents.
  • net-snmp: Open-source SNMP toolkit for developing and managing SNMP agents and applications.
  • cupsctl: Command-line interface for managing the CUPS print service.