cryptsetup-tcryptOpen - Linux


cryptsetup-tcryptOpen is a command used to create and attach a Trusted Crypt (TCrypt) volume to the system. TCrypt is a component of the Linux kernel that provides hardware-accelerated encryption and decryption for block devices, offering enhanced security and performance compared to software-based encryption methods.


cryptsetup-tcryptOpen <device> <name> --tc=tcdpath --cipher=cipher --hash=hash


  • <device>: The block device or partition to which the TCrypt volume will be attached.
  • <name>: The name to assign to the TCrypt volume.
  • --tc=tcdpath: Path to the Trusted Crypt Device (TCD) file, which contains the encryption key and metadata for the TCrypt volume.
  • --cipher=cipher: The encryption cipher to use for the TCrypt volume. Supported ciphers: aes-256-xts, aes-256-ccm, aes-256-cbc, sm4. Default: aes-256-xts.
  • --hash=hash: The hash algorithm to use for the TCrypt volume. Supported algorithms: sha256, sha512. Default: sha256.


Simple Example: Create and attach a TCrypt volume named "mycrypt" to the device "/dev/sda1":

cryptsetup-tcryptOpen /dev/sda1 mycrypt --tc=/path/to/tcd.bin --cipher=aes-256-xts

Complex Example: Create and attach a TCrypt volume with SM4 encryption and SHA512 hash:

cryptsetup-tcryptOpen /dev/sdb2 mycrypt2 --tc=/path/to/tcd2.bin --cipher=sm4 --hash=sha512

Common Issues

  • "Error initializing TCrypt device": Check that the TCD file is valid and contains a compatible encryption key.
  • "Hash mismatch": The hash algorithm specified in the --hash option must match the algorithm used to generate the TCD file.
  • "Permission denied": Ensure that the user has sufficient permissions to access the TCD file and create the TCrypt volume.


cryptsetup-tcryptOpen can be used in conjunction with other commands to enhance security:

  • Automatic unlocking with LUKS: Integrate with LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) to unlock the TCrypt volume using a password or key file.
  • Key management with TPM: Utilize TPM (Trusted Platform Module) to store and manage the encryption key for the TCrypt volume.

Related Commands

  • cryptsetup: Main command for managing encrypted devices.
  • tcryptLoad: Loads a TCD file into the kernel without attaching a volume.
  • tcryptClose: Detaches and closes a TCrypt volume.