cryptsetup-bitlkDump - Linux


cryptsetup-bitlkDump is a utility used to dump BitLocker password hashes from a LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) encrypted device. It aids in recovering data if the original BitLocker password is forgotten or inaccessible.


cryptsetup-bitlkDump <device>


  • <device> is the LUKS encrypted device that contains the BitLocker-encrypted data.




Dumping BitLocker password hashes from a LUKS device:

cryptsetup-bitlkDump /dev/sdX

Saving the dumped hashes to a file:

cryptsetup-bitlkDump /dev/sdX > bitlocker_hashes.txt

Common Issues

  • LUKS device not unlocked: Ensure the LUKS device is unlocked before running cryptsetup-bitlkDump.
  • Incorrect device: Verify that you have provided the correct LUKS device path.
  • No BitLocker headers: The LUKS device may not contain BitLocker-encrypted data.


Integrating with Password Recovery Tools:

The dumped BitLocker hashes can be used with password recovery tools to attempt to recover the original password.

Combining with Other Linux Commands:

cryptsetup-bitlkDump can be used with other commands to automate the password recovery process:

cryptsetup-bitlkDump /dev/sdX | john --format=bitlocker

Related Commands

  • cryptsetup: Tool for managing LUKS encrypted devices.
  • john: Password recovery tool.
  • BitLocker Recovery Console: Microsoft’s official tool for BitLocker recovery.