CPU_OR_S - Linux


CPU_OR_S is a command-line tool used to monitor and control CPU utilization on Linux systems. It allows administrators to view real-time CPU usage, set CPU affinity, and optimize CPU performance.


CPU_OR_S [options] [command]


  • -c, –cpu : Specify the CPU or range of CPUs to use.
  • -i, –interval : Set the update interval in seconds (default: 1).
  • -a, –affinity : Lock the process to the specified CPUs.
  • -m, –max : Set the maximum CPU utilization limit (percent).
  • -p, –process : Monitor or control a specific process (by PID or name).
  • -h, –help : Display help information.


Display CPU Usage


Limit CPU Utilization

CPU_OR_S -m 50

Set CPU Affinity for a Process

CPU_OR_S -a 2,4 -p python

Monitor Specific Process

CPU_OR_S -p firefox

Common Issues

Insufficient Privileges

Error: Operation not permitted

Solution: Run CPU_OR_S as root or with sudo.

CPU Affinity Not Set

Error: Unable to set CPU affinity

Solution: Check that the specified CPUs are online and available.


CPU_OR_S can be combined with other Linux commands, such as top, ps, and grep, for advanced monitoring and optimization tasks. For instance:

top -u | CPU_OR_S -m 80

Related Commands

  • top : Display real-time system and process information.
  • ps : Display running processes.
  • sar : Collect and report system utilization data.
  • stress : Generate artificial CPU load for testing purposes.