cpowl - Linux


cpowl is a command-line utility that generates personalized Linux terminal prompts based on user preferences. It provides an enhanced user experience by displaying contextual information, enhancing productivity, and simplifying navigation within the command line.


cpowl [options]


  • -c, –config: Specifies the path to the configuration file. (Default: ~/.config/cpowl.yml)
  • -j, –json: Outputs the prompt configuration in JSON format.
  • -p, –prompt: Displays the current prompt configuration.
  • -s, –save: Saves the current prompt configuration to the configuration file.
  • -v, –version: Prints the cpowl version.
  • -h, –help: Displays help information.


Simple Prompt

cpowl -c ~/.config/cpowl_simple.yml

This command sets the user’s prompt to a simple format that displays the username, hostname, and current working directory.

Custom Prompt

cpowl -c ~/.config/cpowl_custom.yml

This command allows the user to create a customized prompt using variables, colors, and formatting options defined in the configuration file.

Common Issues

  • Configuration Error: Ensure the configuration file is well-formed and follows the correct syntax.
  • Variable Undefined: Check if the variables used in the prompt configuration are defined in the config file.
  • Prompt Too Long: Adjust the prompt configuration to keep the prompt within a reasonable length.


Bash Integration: Integrate cpowl with Bash by adding eval cpowl to the .bashrc file.
Zsh Integration: Integrate cpowl with Zsh by adding eval cpowl to the .zshrc file.

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