context_role_set - Linux


context_role_set is a command-line tool used to modify the role associated with a Linux security context. It grants or revokes specific access permissions by assigning or removing roles from a context. Primarily used in SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux), this command plays a critical role in enforcing access controls and maintaining system security.


context_role_set role context


| Option | Description |
| -r | Revoke the specified role from the context. |
| -a | Append the specified role to the existing roles associated with the context. |


Grant a role to a context:

context_role_set -a sysadm /etc/passwd

Revoke a role from a context:

context_role_set -r sysadm /etc/passwd

Append a role to existing roles:

context_role_set -a auditor /var/log/messages

Common Issues

  • Ensure you have sufficient privileges to modify security contexts.
  • Verify that the specified context exists in the SELinux policy.
  • Avoid assigning roles with excessive permissions to non-critical resources.


context_role_set can be integrated with other SELinux commands, such as semanage and sestatus, to manage security contexts and roles comprehensively.

Related Commands

  • semanage role – Manage SELinux roles.
  • sestatus – View the current SELinux configuration.

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