console_ioctl - Linux


console_ioctl allows user space programs to perform various operations directly on the Linux console. It provides an interface to manipulate the console settings, including keyboard and display parameters, as well as controlling the virtual consoles.


console_ioctl [OPTION]... DEVICE COMMAND [ARGUMENT]...


  • -c, --console: Specify the console device to use. Default: /dev/console
  • -v, --verbose: Print detailed information about the operation.
  • --help: Display usage information and exit.


Get current console settings:

console_ioctl -c /dev/tty1 KDGETMODE

Set keyboard backlight duration:

console_ioctl -c /dev/tty0 KDSETLED KM_LED K_LED1 200

Switch to virtual console 10:

console_ioctl -c /dev/tty1 KDSETMODE KD_GRAPHICS 10

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure your user has sufficient privileges to access the console device.
  • Unsupported operation: Some commands may not be supported on all consoles. Check the kernel documentation for your system.


console_ioctl can be integrated with other tools for advanced tasks:

  • Use fbset to change the framebuffer settings after switching to graphical mode using console_ioctl.
  • Combine with setterm to configure terminal attributes.

Related Commands

  • chvt: Switch between virtual consoles.
  • fbset: Configure the framebuffer.
  • setterm: Set terminal attributes.