console_codes - Linux


console_codes is a command-line utility for obtaining an extensive list of console control codes. These codes are essential for customizing the appearance, layout, and behavior of terminal windows. With console_codes, users can easily access and apply these codes within various scripting and configuration scenarios.


console_codes [options...]


  • -h, –help: Display usage information and exit.
  • -v, –version: Show version information and exit.
  • -c, –category: Specify the category of codes to display. Valid options include:
    • colors: Color codes
    • cursors: Cursor codes
    • text: Text attributes (bold, underline, etc.)
    • input: Input control codes
    • misc: Miscellaneous codes
    • all: Display all code categories (default)
  • -o, –output: Specify the output format. Valid options include:
    • json: Output codes as JSON
    • yaml: Output codes as YAML
    • list: Display codes as a simple list (default)


To show a list of all console control codes:


To show only the color codes:

console_codes -c colors

To output the codes in JSON format:

console_codes -o json

Common Issues

Unable to use console codes in a terminal emulator:

Ensure that the terminal emulator supports the console control code sequences. Not all emulators support the full range of codes.


Use with sed:

console_codes -o list | sed 's/^/echo -e "/'

This command will generate a series of echo commands that can be piped into a terminal window to apply the console codes.

Related Commands

  • xterm: A terminal emulator that supports a wide range of console control codes.
  • tput: A similar command to console_codes that can set and query console control codes.