conjl - Linux


conjl is a Linux command used to conjugate Latin verbs. It is a powerful tool for Latin students and scholars, as it can generate conjugations for any regular verb and most irregular verbs.




  • -t [TENSE] : Specify the tense of the conjugation (default: present)
  • -m [MOOD] : Specify the mood of the conjugation (default: indicative)
  • -v [VOICE] : Specify the voice of the conjugation (default: active)
  • -p [PERSON] : Specify the person of the conjugation (default: first)
  • -n [NUMBER] : Specify the number of the conjugation (default: singular)
  • -a : Display all forms of the verb
  • -l : List all Latin verb conjugations


Conjugate the verb "amare" in the present tense, first person singular:

conjl amo

Conjugate the verb "discere" in the perfect tense, third person plural:

conjl -t perfect -m indicative -p 3 -n plural discere

List all conjugations of the verb "possum":

conjl -l possum

Common Issues

  • Verb not found: Ensure the spelling of the verb is correct and that the verb is supported by conjl.
  • Invalid option: Check the spelling of the option and make sure it is a valid option for conjl.
  • Unexpected output: Verify that the options and parameters specified are consistent with the expected output.


conjl can be integrated into scripts and command chains for advanced tasks, such as:

  • Latin language learning tools: Create interactive exercises or quizzes.
  • Text analysis: Identify and analyze Latin verbs in text documents.

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